Funeral Services

The Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area (ISTABA) has a designated room for performing Ghusl (washing) and shrouding of the deceased. In the event of a Muslim’s death in or around the Tampa Bay Area, please follow the procedures below to make proper arrangements.

Procedures Following a Muslim’s Death

    Call the masjid office or Br. Yaser to make arrangements with the funeral home. The funeral director will make arrangements to have the deceased taken on the morning of the funeral to the masjid, where washing, shrouding, viewing, and funeral prayer will take place. The Janazah (funeral prayer) takes place shortly after Dhuhr prayer.
    Masjid Office: (813) 628-0007
    Brother Yaser (813) 447-3337

    Contact Sunset Memory Gardens to make arrangements for the burial. The burial takes place immediately after the Janazah (funeral prayer).
    Sunset Memory Gardens: (813) 986-2402

Approximate Costs

Funeral Home $1800 Cemetery $3525
Basic Coffin
Police Escort
Grave opening & closing and vault
Death Certificate
$180 for archive records
Costs are approximate and do not include additional services
Call for costs of additional burial services provided

transportation from local hospital to funeral home,
Marker is NOT included.
funeral home to ISTABA, and ISTABA to Cemetery.
Markers start at $1050

Buy A Gravesite
Full Payment $3,500 or Down Payment $1,000

Use this option to buy a gravesite in full ($3,500 USD) or if you would like to put a $1,000 USD down payment toward the $3,500 USD cost of a gravesite. Important: If you are using the down payment option, you must also sign up for one of the monthly payment plans (see below).

Buy A Gravesite
Monthly Payment Plan (After $1000 down payment)

Important: Use this option if you have already paid a down payment of $1,000 USD toward the $3,500 USD cost of a gravesite.
Option 1: Monthly payments of $100 (25 payments)
Option 2: Monthly payments of $250 USD (10 payments).

Useful Resources

Islamic Will and Testament (PDF)


    ISTABA Office

    (813) 628-0007
    Hours: 8-4 M-F; Sat. 9-2pm

    Sunset Memory Gardens

    Main: (813) 986-2402
    11005 N US Highway 301 Thonotosassa, FL 33592

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